She Read Her Boyfriend’s Text Messages And Found Out He Secretly Met Up With His Ex But The Internet Is Insisting He Cheated

In the end, she decided she just had to see what the messages said, so she looked at them.

“The conversation consisted of flirting, pet names, and just general discussions, but then there was talk of seeing each other and needing the morning after pill,” she continued.

“Turns out after confrontation, she’s his ex, and went out on our boat recently while I was out of town.”

Through tears, her boyfriend told her that his ex did come out on the boat, but they spent a few hours just talking. He swore nothing else had happened between the two of them.

“Apparently, she was joking about the morning after pill and he wasn’t looking for anything, there was just an opportunity to flirt and he took it.”

“He was conflicted about telling me about her visiting and guilty about the texting, which kind of explains why I guess I had to find out by social media messages?”

She added that his ex is engaged and she has a toddler with that man. She only recently connected with her boyfriend.

She did decide to go back and look at the conversation her boyfriend had with his ex so she could see how long they had been speaking, but he had deleted it.

She was very upset with him for doing that, but she’s not sure if he truly was disrespectful or if she was for snooping through his phone in the first place.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“He’s telling you he met with his ex only because you found out, I personally wouldn’t be able to trust him after this.”

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