She Was Kidnapped Along With Her 2-Year-Old Son And After Her Ex Was Arrested He Led Police To Her Body In The Woods

Rahway, New Jersey. 24-year-old Yasemin Uyar was kidnapped on July 9th along with her 2-year-old son named Sebastian.

Yasemin’s ex, 27-year-old Tyler Rios, was the one who kidnapped Yasemin and Sebastian, and everyone was concerned that Tyler would do something to hurt them.

An AMBER alert was issued for Yasemin and Sebastien, and all of New Jersey was trying to find them or the car that Tyler was driving.

Facebook; pictured above is Yasemin

The morning after Yasemin and her son went missing, the Union County, New Jersey Prosecutor’s Office called the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee to report that Tyler might be in the area.

Around 3:15 in the morning, authorities discovered the silver-colored Ford Fiesta that Tyler was driving parked at the Bethel Inn Hotel.

“Authorities then began to gather information and investigate, verifying that Tyler Rios had in fact rented and was occupying a room at the hotel,” the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“Law enforcement made contact with Rios and attempted to convince him to give up and exit his room. Rios refused to do so, at which time law enforcement entered the hotel room by force taking Rios into custody.”

When authorities entered the hotel room, they also discovered Sebastian in there. He was not injured or hurt in any way, and he was immediately rushed out of there to a safe place.

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