She Was Stalked, Kidnapped, Then Stabbed To Death Close To Her Home And Now Her Family Is Suing The City For Not Protecting Her

Again, Keedrin was arrested. 2 days after that attack, Sabrina was able to get an order of protection against Keedrin.

By this point in time, Sabrina had already broken up with him and Keedrin was now her ex. Keedrin knew that Sabrina was granted an order of protection, and yet, he violated that order.

On August 10th, 2019, Keedrin was able to kidnap Sabrina for a second time, and now he was escalating.

He sexually assaulted her and brought her from Memphis to Collierville before Sabrina was able to get away and escape.

This time, Sabrina was back in the hospital to get treated again for the injuries she received at the hands of Keedrin.

Obituary photo; pictured above Sabrina smiles

A month after that horrific attack, Keedrin was calling and texting Sabrina with death threats. On the day that Sabrina was set to go to court to prosecute Keedrin, he laid in wait in her bushes, waiting for her to come out of her house.

When Sabrina exited her house, he brutally attacked her and tried to kidnap her for a third time, but was not successful.

Keedrin terrorized Sabrina for months, and that was hardly the end of what he did to her.

Throughout the rest of 2019, Keedrin kept sending her harassing and scary texts and calls. He dropped by where Sabrina worked. He stalked her as she left her house.

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