She Went Missing 2 Years Ago And Her Husband Recently Confessed To His Ex-Wife Over Lunch That Her Murdered Her Before Digging Her Grave

Colorado Springs, Colorado. 28-year-old Jepsy Kallungi lived in Colorado Springs along with her husband, Dane Kallungi.

On April 4th, 2019, one of Jepsy’s best friends named Lalaine called the Colorado Springs Police Department to ask that they do a welfare check on her.

Lalaine and Jepsy had been close since childhood, and they spoke all the time.

Lalaine stopped hearing from Jepsy, and Jepsy also went silent on social media. This wasn’t like Jepsy at all, and Lalaine became concerned that something terrible had happened, prompting her to call the police.

Officers headed over to Jepsy’s apartment, but they couldn’t find her anywhere.

They were able to speak to someone who helped to manage the apartment complex, and this person told them that Jepsy had not been to her apartment in several weeks.

Colorado Springs Police Department; pictured above is Jepsy

Officers then learned that there had been multiple calls made to the Colorado Springs Police Department over the past few weeks from Jepsy’s loved ones asking to have welfare checks on her done.

During each one of those checks, officers had not been able to reach Jepsy.

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