She Went Viral After Explaining On TikTok That Her Dad Chose To Name Her After His Mistress

When you’re expecting a child, their name is something you agonize over for months, because that’s one thing they will have for the rest of their lives.

Some parents pick the name of their baby to pay homage to a beloved family member, some parents pick a name because it has a special meaning, and some parents choose their baby’s name because it sounds trendy and cute.

One woman named Kristina took to TikTok to share the meaning behind her own name, and let’s just say her dad picked it for a pretty interesting reason.

Kristina started out by explaining that her parents agreed on a naming rule before she was even born.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of Kristina telling the story behind her name

If she ended up being a boy, her mom would get to pick out her name (she was planning on naming her son after her grandpa), and if she ended up being a girl, her dad would get to pick out her name.

Well, Kristina is a girl, and when she came out her dad wasted no time writing down her name on the paperwork.

Her mom didn’t protest, since she had to have a c-section and she was medicated.

“When my mom came to I guess she didn’t really hate the name so she just kind of went with it,” Kristina said.

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