She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Wrong To Let Her Teen Daughter Wear An Expensive Dress To Her Sister’s House After It Got Ruined In A Fight

“I do get my sister’s point but it’s not down to me to police what Georgia wears. I have spoken to Georgia about it but I left the final decision to her,” this mom continued.

Back to the weekend lunch at her sister’s house. Georgia was wearing a pink, brand-new, expensive dress.

This mom’s niece, 13-year-old Lucy, ended up asking Georgia where she got her dress from.

“Georgia answered that it didn’t matter because Lucy couldn’t afford it anyway,” this mom explained.

“We told Georgia to shut up as soon as the comment left her lips, but it soon ended up with Georgia and Lucy screaming at each other.”

Lucy took her vanilla milkshake and threw it on Georgia, which ended up destroying the dress. Georgia started crying, and this mom’s sister rushed to get Georgia some clean clothes to wear.

This mom then told her sister she needed to pay for the dress if it turned out to be ruined permanently.

“My sister has refused and said that it was “our responsibility” because my daughter wore an expensive dress despite being warned not to,” this mom wrote.

“That dress cost a couple of hundred, and washing it has failed to completely remove the stains. Frankly, I don’t care about my sister’s warnings.”

“We can’t make Georgia wear what she doesn’t want to, and it’s not our problem that she can’t control her child and stop her ruining a beautiful dress.”

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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