She’s Having An Affair With Her Married Boss And Her Boyfriend Is Asking The Internet If He Should Confront Her Before He Leaves Her

A 28-year-old woman is having an affair with her married boss, and he’s in his 40s.

Her 28-year-old boyfriend found out about the secret relationship, and he’s asking the internet if he should confront her before he leaves her.

“We have been together for 5 years now and I was saving up money for a house and a wedding, but all that’s gone now,” he started out by saying.

He then explained that he goes running every single morning, and when he couldn’t find his phone one morning, he asked his girlfriend to call it.

She was wanting to catch up on her shut-eye, so she handed over her phone so he could use it to call his own one.

Well, he always wondered about some of her recent behavior over the last couple of months, so he went through her phone.

It turns out all of her late nights at work and frequent business trips were all a cover for getting to hook up with her married boss.

Going through all of her texts, he couldn’t tell exactly when the affair started, but it appeared that they hooked up every single day at the office.

He also learned that her boss’s wife discovered their affair and forced him to stop seeing his girlfriend.

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