She’s Supposed To Be The Best Woman At Her Brother’s Wedding But After She Found Out Her High School Bullies Are Going She’s Bailing

A young woman’s brother is getting married soon, and it turns out, his fiancée went to the exact same high school that she did.

The thing is though, she didn’t have a single friend back in high school because she was relentlessly bullied.

She ended up suffering from anxiety and depression due to all the bullying, and the way she moved on from all of that was to cut all contact with the people she went to high school with.

Now, her brother’s fiancée actually was part of the mean girl circle that really was the worst to her in high school.

Her brother’s fiancée was more of a group follower and although she never bullied this poor woman herself, she did laugh when the other girls did.

When her brother started dating this girl, she initially was very upset because of all the terrible feelings it brought up.

She has tried to bring up a few of the bullying things to her brother’s fiancée, who merely laughs and claims to not remember anything or brushes everything off as being young and dumb.

She finally was able to move on and forgive her brother’s fiancée for everything, but it took an immense amount of work on herself to get there.

After her brother had proposed, he asked her to be his best woman at his wedding. She of course said yes, and she even generously offered to help plan the wedding.

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