Soul Electronics ST-XX True Wireless Earphones Review

Alright, I got them out of the box, and the color is even better up close and personal. These truly are fashion-forward, and something I already want to wear.

They’re small and lightweight, but given how bright they are, I’ll easily be able to find these at the bottom of my cavernous bag!

The ST-XX true wireless earphones are made with the most recent Bluetooth 5.0 technology, and they really are a breeze to get set up.

I let them charge for a bit, and what I like is that you can charge them for just 3 hours and they will run for 20 hours.

It’s really nice to not have to keep putting them back in their charging dock to get the listening time you want.

Simply take them out of their charging box when you’re ready to go, and they quickly pair to your phone.

But how do they sound?

Honestly, the ST-XX true wireless earphones sound amazing to me. I scrolled through my favorite list of Drake, Rick Ross, Lizzo, and it all had a great range.

My favorite feature by far though are that these earphones are weatherproof. Yes, you read that right.

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