Teen Charged With Murdering Tristyn Bailey Allegedly Said “How Is That My Problem?” When His Mom Told Him Tristyn Was Dead

The most recent round of documents shares details from the first interview that authorities had with Aiden while his parents were present.

As Aiden sat there in the interview room, his parents told him not to say a single word until their lawyer had arrived.

However, the interview room had video and voice recording set in place, so everything Aiden and his parents said and did prior to authorities entering the room was taped.

Instagram; pictured above Tristyn holds balloons while celebrating her 13th birthday

After mentioning not to talk until the lawyer got there, Aiden’s mom Crystal allegedly told him that Tristyn had been found just down the street from their house.

Aiden then asked, “Is she good?” Crystal explained to him that she was no longer alive. “No, she’s dead. This is why this is very important,” Crystal said to him.

“It’s all on you right now,” She continued.

Aiden said back to her, “How is that my problem?” Crystal and Aiden’s father Jason then said to Aiden that he was the last person to be seen with Tristyn.

There are a lot of pages to unpack in the court documents that have been made public, and as we read through them we’ll share more information.

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