This $16 Purchase Will Help Save Tiny Animals From Drowning In Your Pool & It’s Some Of The Best Money I Ever Spent

One of the saddest side effects of having a pool is occasionally coming across frogs or small animals that have unfortunately drowned.

Even if you obsessively check to make sure you don’t have any swimmers, you still end up with casualties, and I used to cry with every single one I had to pick out of the pool.

I set out to Google what I could do to prevent this from happening, and that’s when I came across the FrogLog on Amazon.

The FrogLog costs just $16.99, and it seemed like an easy to purchase to make to see if I could save animals from drowning in my pool.

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I’ve been using the FrogLog all summer this year, and I have yet to have 1 animal drown in my pool. In the previous two years, I am sad to say I lost a lot of frogs and a few small animals.

I honestly can’t believe I have had no victims, and now I’m on a mission to tell everyone with a pool about this small life-saving device. My mom now buys them for all her friends with pools!

The FrogLog is basically a little floating raft that you weigh down on the side of your pool with a rock or heavy object to keep it in place.

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