This Guy Jumped Out A Bathroom Window After His Mom Tried To Force Him To Get Back Together With His Cheating Ex-Fiancée And He’s Telling The Internet He Never Told His Family Why They Broke Up

His mom has been pressuring him like crazy to speak to Sarah, despite him telling her he will not get back together with Sarah ever.

When he went to his mom’s house to spend time with his family last Christmas Eve, he was only there for a short time when the doorbell rang.

He could clearly see that it was Sarah out there ringing the doorbell.

He immediately asks his mom what on earth is going on, and she told him she asked Sarah to come over so that they could try to “work this out in the spirit of the holidays.”

He had no choice but to finally reveal to his family why he broke things off with Sarah. He told them all that he was cheated on, which humiliated him.

His mom made a beeline for the front door, and he closed himself in a bathroom.

“My mom starts knocking on the door saying that I need to come out and talk to my ex like an adult,” he continued.

“I…kick out the window screen and get in my car and go home.”

After his mom found out that he climbed out the bathroom window, she told him she will no longer speak to him again due to his behavior.

She also said to him that Sarah will basically forever be like one of her own children. He even got yelled at by his sister for ruining the holidays, and not a single member of his family understands why he’s so upset.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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