This Melbourne Model Strangely Died After A Quiet Morning Home With Her Dog: A Year Later Her Case Was Referred To The Homicide Unit

Phoebe struggled with substance abuse, which Antony had been trying to help her with, and it turns out Baillee shared these similarities with her.

Instagram; Baillee is pictured above in a silky dress

In the months prior to her tragic death, Baillee started having some problems.

Although she tried to keep it a secret from her mom and dad, they were aware of some of what she was getting into.

Baillee became more tight-lipped, more withdrawn. She distanced herself from her parents in an effort to hide her life from them. She drank a lot. She struggled with her self-esteem.

She started getting involved in the night club scene and was exposed to some bad influences.

Instagram; Baillee is pictured above wearing red lipstick

Baillee confided in her mom Sabine, telling her how Antony was trying to help her turn her life around.

At this point, she had stopped going to college but she took up studying again.

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