This Mom Waxed Her 5-Year-Old Daughter’s Unibrow Because She Doesn’t Want Anyone To Make Fun Of Her But She’s Telling The Internet Her Husband Freaked Out On Her

One mom’s 5-year-old daughter is about to start kindergarten soon, and she did something to help make sure her daughter would have an easier time in the classroom.

She waxed off her daughter’s unibrow because she doesn’t want anyone in her daughter’s class to make fun of her, but her husband is not on board with what she did.

She started out by explaining that her daughter’s unibrow is so obvious and dark that there’s just no way you can miss it.

Last year, her daughter attended online preschool, so nobody had the opportunity to bully her over it because nobody could see it.

That all changed when this mom invited her daughter’s cousins over to their house this summer.

Most of the cousins made fun of her daughter for having a unibrow, which did terrible damage to her daughter’s self-esteem in such a short amount of time.

“They’d call her countless names, and at just five years old my daughter already thinks she is ugly,” this mom explained.

“It breaks my heart because nobody (let alone a five-year-old) should think they are ugly.”

“I reassure my daughter she is beautiful and not to listen to her cousins, but my daughter still believes she is ugly.”

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