This Woman Says She Thinks She Accidentally Slept With Her Boyfriend’s Brother And Now She Seriously Needs The Internet To Weigh In

A 24-year-old woman is saying she thinks she accidentally slept with her 27-year-old boyfriend’s twin brother…

…And now she seriously needs the internet to weigh in on what happened.

“Okay, I’m worried I’m being paranoid here but I can’t shake the feeling something is off,” she started out by explaining.

She and her boyfriend met while they were in college several years ago after being introduced by some friends that they shared.

They immediately liked one another, and now they’ve been serious for about 2 years. She knew her boyfriend Mark had a twin brother named Lucas because she got to meet him not long after she began dating Mark.

Mark and Lucas might look the same, but they couldn’t be more different. Mark is very outgoing, while Lucas is more reserved and has always been quiet around her.

Mark is the one who is the center of attention in their friend group, and Lucas is the one who kind of just tags along.

She did ask Mark at one point why Lucas was so quiet, and he mentioned that Lucas did not have a lot of friends when they were kids, so he pretty much stuck to Mark.

Recently, she went to a bar with Mark to celebrate their friend’s birthday, and Lucas was there as well.

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