She Went Viral On TikTok For Being Left With A Square Face After A Cosmetic Procedure She Had Done

So why did Sofia’s face end up looking so square?

TikTok; Sofia is pictured above after the treatment

Sofia’s loved ones looked completely shocked by her new look, and the videos she put out have gotten millions of views and gone viral.

A lot of people were convinced Sofia’s face looked that because of a botched procedure, but the good news is it did not stay that shape for very long.

TikTok; Sofia explains what procedure she had done in one of her videos

Sofia’s face was square looking because her face was still swollen from the Kybella. The procedure does cause inflammation and breakdown of fat cells, so swelling is completely normal.

One person commented on one of Sofia’s videos, “Hey babe I’m not sure if you know this but Kybella usually needs 2-3 treatments and 12 weeks after treatments to the see the final result.”

Sofia replied, “I got 4 vials all in one and my nurse said I won’t need to come back but yes she said I would have to wait 6 weeks.”

“I’m still swollen, I’m posting actual results soon,” she went on to say in another comment. Sofia’s face ended up looking completely normal in the end once her swelling did go down!

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