Review: Ubio Labs Shadow Wireless Charging Pad For iPhone And Apple Watch

The Ubio Labs Shadow Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone and Apple Watch is the perfect piece of tech to add to your home if you are an avid Apple user like I am.

I’m sure you’re wondering why that is, and quite honestly there are a number of things that make this charging pad stand out.

As soon as I took this charging pad out of the box, the first thing I really noticed is how lightweight and nicely designed it is.

It has a lustrous, silver-colored plated finish, which certainly adds a modern-looking touch. It also isn’t very thick at all, so it won’t take up much space.

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This charging pad also features a rubberized surface that ensures your Apple Watch or phone will stay in place.

I think this feature is a lot nicer than the default charger your Apple Watch comes with because one of the things I’m not a fan of is how easily your watch can slide off that little circular pad.

There also is a magnetic charging module on the side where you connect your Apple Watch, so it snaps right in place to the pad.

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