Young Realtor Mom Kidnapped And Murdered After Showing A House To An Alleged Gang Member

This client reached out to Monique directly.

Facebook; Monique is pictured above in a selfie

A security camera located directly across the street from the house Monique was showing caught her on tape as she arrived.

Then, a U-Haul drives past the house and down the street. After the U-Haul passes by, someone is seen approaching the home, opening the door, and going inside.

Facebook; Monique smiles in the above picture

The U-Haul can be seen on the video footage driving back up to the home Monique was showing. The driver of the truck proceeds to back it into the driveway and stop it in front of the doors to the home’s garage.

And then something sickening happens. Monique is forced out of the home and the U-Haul. The driver then takes off out of the driveway with Monique still in the back of it.

Monique had been kidnapped from her own house showing.

Who on earth would have something against this well-liked mom and real estate agent? Well, here’s where things start to get strange.

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