20-Year-Old Says Her 49-Year-Old Boyfriend Called Her Easy Game And The Internet Is Telling Her She Should Not Be Dating Him

A 20-year-old woman says her 49-year-old boyfriend called her “easy game,” and now the internet is telling her she should not be dating him.

She started out by explaining that she got into an argument with her boyfriend after he got upset with her for not thinking there’s a problem with men calling her “baby.”

“…Overall I’m just a bit lost here, this is my first real relationship. I’m wondering when to back down,” she admitted.

She then said that this all began when her boyfriend came across an online discussion where women were chatting about men referring to them as “baby” as something that’s really creepy.

She told her boyfriend that she did not agree with this at all and that she didn’t think it was a problem to be referred to as “baby” in any kind of conversation, so long as it’s done respectfully.

Her boyfriend countered by saying that he thinks calling a woman “baby” is sexual, disrespectful, and creepy.

He also mentioned he thinks men do this to attempt to “claim” women slowly.

“He wants me to tell guys firmly not to call me baby, and he sees that as setting boundaries which he wants me to practice,” she continued.

“He said especially since I’ve had issues with respecting myself in the past (it’s true, I used to let guys walk all over me but I’ve learned boundaries now).”

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