42 Years After She Was Found Dead Near A Road She Finally Has Been Identified And Given Her Name Back

“Due to the suspicious circumstances, the Millard County Sheriff’s Office opened a homicide investigation,” the Salt Lake City Police Department continued.

Unfortunately, the Utah Medical Examiner’s Office was never able to figure out exactly how this poor woman dumped by the road had died.

Her name remained a mystery as well for the authorities, although in 1984 it seemed there was a break in this now cold case.

The serial killer named Henry Lee Lucas actually confessed to murdering the woman found on Old 91, but the problem with Henry was that he admitted to murdering hundreds of people and then took back what he said.

In the end, detectives just could not confirm that this woman was a victim of Henry’s, and again, the case went cold.

In January of 2013, a detective was re-assigned to the case of Sandra, and it was clear she still could not be found anywhere.

This detective uploaded Sandra’s information to different databases and began to investigate what had happened to her.

The detective spoke with Sandra’s family that summer, and Sandra’s loved ones made it clear that they were convinced Sandra’s husband Warren had caused her disappearance.

They also revealed that they thought that Warren had murdered her, but since Warren had passed away on October 11th, 1999, it wasn’t possible for him to be questioned by the authorities.

Several more years went by without any answers until the Millard County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Salt Lake City Police Department on November 25th of 2019.

The Millard County Sheriff’s Office brought up the case of the woman who had been found dead by Old 91, and they believed she could be Sandra.

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