Couple Found Dead Under Strange Circumstances Along With Their 1-Year-Old And Dog: What Happened To John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, And Their Family?

Mariposa, California. John Gerrish, his wife Ellen Chung, their 1-year-old daughter Miju and their dog Oski all lived together in Mariposa, California.

John worked as a software engineer, and Ellen worked as a yoga teacher.

John and Ellen were very outdoorsy, so they decided to recently take their family to the Sierra National Forest.

The Sierra National Forest is well-known for having gorgeous mountain views, stunning lakes, and a variety of different activities visitors can participate in, including hiking, fishing, sailing, skiing, and boating.

John, Ellen, Miju, and Oski weren’t in the Sierra National Forest for very long when one of their loved ones reported all of them as missing on August 16th at around 11 at night.

Sadly, the day after this family of four disappeared, they were all found dead under very strange circumstances.

Instagram; pictured above are John and Ellen

“Search teams located the family’s vehicle near the Sierra National Forest gate leading to Hites Cove in the Jerseydale area,” the Mariposa County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

“A short time later the family; John Gerrish, Ellen Chung, one-year-old daughter Miju and the family dog were located deceased near the Devil’s Gulch area in the Southfork of the Merced River drainage.”

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