Daughter Arrested After The Body Of Her Missing Mom Was Found Swaddled In Newspapers And Bedding

After she had given this answer, Geanee’s bank statements were subpoenaed, and what she had said didn’t align with what was found on the paper trail she left behind.

She had used her mom’s check card to make a purchase at a Dollar General and security cameras from the store had caught her in the act.

At this point, authorities were able to obtain a search warrant for Geanee’s home so that they could investigate her for financial identity fraud.

While authorities were searching through Geanee’s home, which they described in court documents as “deplorable”, they made a shocking discovery.

Gloria’s mummified body was found swaddled in newspapers and bedding, and she was located right near the bedroom that Geanee slept in.

Geanee allegedly said that her mom passed away in 2020, and then she decided to keep that a secret.

Gloria’s cause of death is now being investigated, while Geanee has been arrested and charged with abuse of a corpse and financial identity fraud.

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