Disabled Dad Drives His Wheelchair An Hour Every Day To Work And He’s Been Sadly Hit Several Times

Crestview, Florida. 36-year-old David Newcomb has been wheelchair-bound since he turned 21-years-old.

David first noticed that something wasn’t quite right with him at 18-years-old. He went to Chicago for Navy boot camp, and while he was training, he began having problems in one leg.

Three years after being medically discharged, David was officially diagnosed as having Multiple sclerosis.

As he celebrated turning 21, David started to be bound to his wheelchair and lost the ability to use his legs.

Although he qualified for disability, he did not make nearly enough off of that to cover the costs of all of his bills and pay to take care of his daughter.

GoFundMe; pictured above is David with his 7-year-old daughter Melina

David found a job working at a local Pizza Hut for around 9 years now. Unfortunately, that location just moved far away from where David lives.

David only has a motorized wheelchair to get around, and he used to take that to work every day.

The drove took him 5 minutes, but since the company relocated, it takes David an entire hour to make it.

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