He Found Out His 25-Year-Old Girlfriend Was A Sugar Baby In College And He’s Wondering If He Should End The Relationship

A 30-year-old man says he just found out his 25-year-old girlfriend was a sugar baby in college. He then asked the internet if he should end the relationship.

“I have been together with a girl I’ll call Jane for two years now,” he started out by explaining.

They met at a university while he was working on completing his law degree and Jane was finishing her master’s.

He thought they clicked from the get-go, and they have been in a relationship for 2 years together.

Last year, they made the step of moving in with one another, and they had been discussing getting married after they both completed school.

He truly thought Jane was the one, but after she told him a pretty big secret, he’s at a loss and wondering if he should really move forward with her.

“A few days ago we went to visit her family (a small get-together all within the guidelines), which happened to be in the same city where she went to school,” he continued.

Jane wanted to introduce him to some of her friends, so they headed over to someone’s apartment to hang out.

“At one point a friend who had invited showed up with a girl and Jane looked like she saw a ghost.”

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