He Found Out His 25-Year-Old Girlfriend Was A Sugar Baby In College And He’s Wondering If He Should End The Relationship

“I thought the reaction was very strange since the other girl lit up and greeted her in a very friendly way like they knew each other well.”

Although Jane then acted friendly towards the girl, he noticed the tension between them.

“The other girl even teased Jane at how conservative she was dressed these days and Jane kind of shot here eye daggers and the other girl backed off,” he wrote.

“All in all nothing bad happened, but I got a weird vibe and I decided to confront Jane when we got back to the hotel.”

Jane denied there was an issue, but then she broke down and said there was something she needed to tell him.

“Apparently the other girl was a friend she had in college, but the way they really got close was that they both became sugar-babies at some point early in college, and they sort of looked out for each other.”

He did not believe the words coming out of Jane’s mouth and asked her to explain things to him further.

She cried, telling him that she was having terrible financial problems and was about to drop out when her friend told her about a job of sorts.

“There was this website…where she set up an “arrangement” with an older guy (apparently some rich dude in his 40s working in tech).”

“She said that she deeply regrets that part of her life and just wanted to put it behind her. I asked her why she kept this from me for so long and she said that it’s her biggest secret and she is ashamed of it and didn’t want to mention it too early but then after we bonded she was afraid I would leave.”

“And frankly, I am very seriously considering doing just that.”

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