He Kicked His Brother Out Of His Engagement Party After He Said Some Awful Things About His Fiancée In Front Of All The Guests

A 31-year-old man first met his fiancée at work. He’s a dentist, and she works at the clinic, but she has a much lower-paying career than he does.

“She’s the sweetest, nicest, most beautiful woman I’ve ever met,” he said.

“She’s smart, humble, and has a beautiful smile. It was a love of first sight for me and I was lucky that she felt the same way about me.”

They ended up dating for 8 months before he even had her meet his family. The reasoning behind that was his fiancée was afraid his family just would not be accepting of her.

Despite her fears, part of his family loved her. His sister ended up being an immediate best friend to his fiancée, and his mom and his fiancée’s mom also got very close.

Unfortunately, his brother and his dad remained closed off, going so far as to say terrible things about his fiancée.

His brother and dad outspokenly said she was just not compatible with him because she didn’t have the best background.

Although they did not say those things to her face, they still said them. This man did his very best to not feed into it, and he kept his fiancée away from the two of them so they couldn’t say awful things in front of her.

A few days ago, he and his fiancée had their engagement party in a restaurant. He really was not ok with his brother or dad being invited, but his mom convinced him to change his mind.

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