He Ripped Up His Fiancée’s Prom Photo And The Internet Says His Behavior Is Frightening

A man ripped up his fiancée’s prom photo and now the internet says his behavior is, well, frightening.

“So, my fiancée’s kept a box over the years of memories and stuff she has. She’s been collecting memories in it since she was like 10,” he started out by saying.

“Cute, I guess. Seems more like hoarding to me, but if she likes it, I like it.”

His fiancée has told him previously that it’s private, and she does not want him digging through the box without her permission.

Due to that, he has only ever seen what is inside of the box 3 times.

A few days ago though, he saw that she was sitting on the floor and looking through the things inside of the box.

When she notices he’s coming into the room, she excitedly holds up a photo to show him and she says she completely forgot about it.

“It’s her at prom when she was 15. She’s in this pale, yellow dress and she’s cuddled up against some guy in a blue suit, with his tie matching her dress,” he said.

“They’re both beaming in the picture and it’s got a banner over the top saying ‘PROM 2007’.”

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