He Ripped Up His Fiancée’s Prom Photo And The Internet Says His Behavior Is Frightening

“She rubs the picture fondly, like it’s some dead relative, and says something about how much she loves it.”

“I thought it was pretty rude because I’m standing there and she’s telling me about how much she loved going on a date with another guy.”

He said it made him feel upset, and she laughed and pointed out to him that she does not love the guy in the photo, she just loves the photo.

He replied that he doesn’t want her to talk about her ex-boyfriend, and she told him she was 15-years-old at the time and the relationship really did not even count.

Her boyfriend at the time was nice, prom was a good time for her, and there was nothing more to it than that.

This guy got angry, so he ended up exiting the room. His fiancée did not understand why he was feeling that way, but she stopped talking about the issue.

A day or so after this exchange, she left their place to go out, and he saw the box on a shelf.

“I figured she didn’t really need the old memories anymore, so I took out the Prom picture and I ran it through our shredder. No big deal,” he continued.

When his fiancée returned home, she noticed the shedder plugged into the outlet and asked him about it because they never use it.

He explained to her that he was getting rid of old things they did not need, and she asked him to elaborate.

He then said that he was getting rid of some of her old things, including pictures. She bent down to open up the shredder and pulled out the pieces of her prom photo.

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