He Wrote An Email To His Sociopathic Cousin’s Fiancée To Warn Her So She Ended Up Calling Off The Wedding

A 25-year-old man has a 27-year-old cousin with whom he used to be very close. A few incidents led this man to take a step back from the relationship he had with his cousin.

He came to see that his cousin was a complete sociopath who lied and manipulated to no end.

Although he put a lot of distance between himself and his cousin, he would still hear about his cousin’s life.

He began to realize that the numerous ex-girlfriends that his cousin had were victims of his behavior. They were not crazy like his cousin had said.

These women ended marriages for his cousin, one ended up leaving his cousin’s best friend to be with his cousin, and another even tried to harm herself.

Last year, he heard that his cousin got engaged to a very wealthy woman. This man so desperately wanted to tell this woman all the bad things about his cousin that he felt she had a right to know.

He never got the chance to do so, because his brothers and his parents insisted he could not be involved with their relationship.

His mom also tried to convince him that his cousin was a changed man, although he didn’t believe this for a second.

He thought his cousin had the ability to destroy the life of his new fiancée, and he really felt obligated to tell her.

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