Her 26-Year-Old Sister Is Marrying A 50-Year-Old Man She Considers A Loser And Now She’s Asking The Internet If This Situation Is Even Worse Than She Thought

A 23-year-old woman says she’s very concerned for her 26-year-old sister, who is marrying a 50-year-old man.

She thinks he’s pretty much a loser, and now she’s asking the internet if this situation is even worse than she thought and if she should do something about it.

She started out by saying that her sister has been with this guy Tom for around 3 years. Her sister wasn’t upfront with everyone that she was dating Tom, so they could have been dating for longer than 3 years.

She only met Tom one time, and that was at her wedding. Her parents have spent a total of two times with him, and he didn’t say much at all.

She considers Tom to be some kind of weird stranger who is double her sister’s age.

She thinks her sister went for Tom because he provided her with comfort after she exited a terrible relationship she was in for a long time.

Her sister’s ex ruined her self-esteem, disrespected her, and spent all her money on video games.

Her sister was working at a grocery store part-time as she built up her experience as a digital designer, and she met Tom in the grocery store since he works there too.

Tom has literally worked in the grocery store since forever, but he never got promoted and is still in an entry-level job there.

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