Her Boyfriend Decided To Move To A New Country With His Female Coworker And She’s Telling The Internet He’s Basically Ready To Leave Her Behind

A 25-year-old woman says that her 27-year-old boyfriend is so close with his 28-year-old female coworker that the two of them applied for a job in another country without considering her.

Now, she feels like her boyfriend is ready to leave her behind because he is fully making this move with or without her.

She explained that her boyfriend and his female coworker are partners at work, and they have been working with one another for under one year.

Although her boyfriend hasn’t known his female coworker for very long, they pretty much are best friends.

“She doesn’t have many friends or a boyfriend of her own, so she relies heavily on my boyfriend for emotional support and has started to feel like an extension of our relationship,” she said.

“Although she’s not someone he’d ever be romantically interested in and he’s made that clear to me several times, I still can’t help but feel weird about it.”

Her boyfriend’s relationship with this woman does not feel completely professional to her, and they spend most of their weekends with one another on top of the crazy hours that they work together.

She has mentioned to him in the past that the relationship he has with this woman does not make her very comfortable, and he assured her that they’re just friends.

Her boyfriend and this woman are also a team at work, and several months into 2021 they figured they were miserable at their company.

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