Her Boyfriend Decided To Move To A New Country With His Female Coworker And She’s Telling The Internet He’s Basically Ready To Leave Her Behind

So, the two of them submitted their resumes for a new job in a completely different country on the other side of the world.

Well, it turns out her boyfriend and this woman landed the job, and after a year of being remote, they’re going to be moving.

What really bothers her is that her boyfriend never once considered her in any of his decision-making.

Her boyfriend only mentioned it briefly before he applied, but then he accepted the job and never ended up sitting down to talk with her about what this now means.

She truly gets that her boyfriend needs to make this move in his career, but she is not a fan of the country he’s going to be living in.

She’s feeling pressured into finding a job there too, and she thinks she doesn’t have the experience needed to land one.

“He told me that if I can’t find a job, then we’d do long distance until we figure it out (which we have already done for almost 2 years on a smaller scale, not in different countries and it’s been really hard) but the thought of him up and moving to a different country with another woman makes me feel so sad,” she explained.

“He’s going to experience everything the first time around with her, not me.”

“We have dreamed of moving abroad together since we first met – but it feels like he loves working with her and who she is, so much that he invested and secured a future with her first, before considering our future together.”

This was not a decision she was actively part of; it really was a decision between her boyfriend and his coworker.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

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