Her Brother Stole Money From Her And Now Expects Her To Use Her Wedding Fund To Pay For A Surgery Her Niece Needs

A 30-year-old woman has a 43-year-old brother named Thomas who really has been pretty awful to her in the past.

Their dad and uncle ended up inheriting two pieces of property from their grandpa, and the piece that was given to her dad was supposed to be sold, with the money being split down the middle for her and Thomas.

Well, Thomas turned around and sold the property without her even knowing, and he pocketed all of the profits. She never saw a dime, and she was not able to go after him to get it because at the time she was a struggling college student.

Additionally, her sister-in-law (Thomas’s second wife that he married when his first wife passed away) threatened to never let her see her niece again.

She used to be the person who took care of her niece when she was a young child, and it was important to keep her in her life.

Despite the threats, she chose to stop contacting Thomas and his wife because it turned out that she was unable to keep having a relationship with her niece.

Her niece is currently 16-years-old, and she has a health problem that caused her to need her first surgery at just 1-year-old.

Although Thomas really did screw her over, her uncle ended up disowning Thomas and giving her the property that he owned.

She sold that property and she used some of that money to pay for things she needed. She saved the rest to use for her upcoming wedding.

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