Her Drunk Ex Showed Up On Her Doorstep The Night Before His Wedding

A woman says that she was with her ex for around 2 years, but she ended up breaking up with him over moving away to attend college. Also, she did not feel like being in a relationship with him at that point.

She broke up with him close to 5 years ago, and she is currently engaged to a man she considers to truly be the one for her.

A few nights ago at approximately 10 p.m., someone rang her doorbell, and you bet she was surprised to open the door and see her drunk ex standing there.

Apparently, he was having his bachelor party in the same city where she and her fiancé live together, so he wanted to drop by “to see” her.

Her fiancé was the one that actually opened the door, and as soon as he did her ex began crying and insisting he didn’t think she actually had a fiancé.

She and her fiancé kindly let him inside their place, as he wasn’t a danger to them he was clearly just drunk and sobbing all over the place.

He basically told her that he was sorry for being so terrible to her when they were together and he’s still upset that they broke up because he truly believed they would have been able to work things out.

He threw up in their bathtub, before dialing an Uber to take him back to the hotel he was staying at.

In the meantime, she and her fiancé made him some waffles to help try to get him a little soberer, and they said he should let them know when he made it safely back to his hotel room.

Margo Basarab –

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