Her Friend Kicked Her Out Of The Bridal Party For Cutting Her Hair So She’s Taking Her To Court

A woman was supposed to be included in her friend’s upcoming wedding, but after she cut her hair, her friend kicked her out of the bridal party for what she did.

She started out by explaining that her friend’s wedding was supposed to last 3 days, and so she had to pay for 3 totally different dresses, and certain shoes.

She also had to pay for the alterations on all of the dresses.

All in, she spent well over $700 for all of the outfits and things she needed to be part of the bridal party.

Her friend the bride-to-be had also insisted that she have her hair done in certain styles for the 3 days.

As of this March, her hair began falling out in clumps over some health issues that she had. 4 months ago, she had to make a tough choice to cut off her hair since it was just coming out.

2 weeks before she was supposed to be in the wedding, she told the bride-to-be that she had no choice but to cut her hair.

Initially, the bride-to-be had nothing negative to say about her haircut, but after a week went by, her friend changed her mind.

The bride-to-be was at her house and as she was leaving, she said she was bothered by her new haircut.

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