Her Husband Got A Tattoo Of Her Face On His Thigh Without Her Knowing And She’s Telling The Internet She Hates It

“He could tell I didn’t like it, and I was honest with him- that I didn’t like it, don’t usually like tattoos of people’s faces, and that I was in shock right now because this was so unexpected.”

She then confronted her husband about doing this without telling her, and he insisted he wanted the whole thing to be a surprise for her.

“He just said he loves me so much and wanted to put that love on his body,” she said.

“I told him that I felt like this was something we should have talked about since it’s MY face and that there were other ways he could have represented his love. And that I just didn’t understand how he went through with this without telling me.”

After she made it clear to her husband that she hated the tattoo, it basically crushed him. He was upset and confused, which in turn made her feel terrible because she noticed he was about to cry.

The tattoo her husband got is the only one that he has, and they previously have chatted about different ideas for tattoos for him to get, but her face never came up as one of the ideas.

She’s left feeling embarrassed that he did this, and she’s not sure how to handle things from here.

“He’s always been a bit impulsive but it’s never been ridiculous like this. I literally cannot imagine looking at my face on his leg forever,” she concluded.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“Number one rule of a tattoo, Never get anything to do with your SO. Bad luck and it’s kinda tacky if you ask me.”


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