“Holly Blair Exploded Into Glitter And Bats” You Have To Read This Amazing Obituary Of A Woman Who Loved Halloween

“All hail the wicked witch of Juniper road!”

Is that not an absolute masterpiece?

After her obituary went viral, tons of people all over the internet left messages on her memory wall, and here are a few of my favorites for you.

mikecleggphoto –

“Holly-you sound like my kind of people. I promise to carve a pumpkin this Hallow’s Eve in your memory. Be at peace.”

“I do not know your beloved Holly but her obituary came across my Facebook page and made me laugh during a time when I was having difficulty doing so. Thank you, Holly and family, for such a gift.”

“Holly seemed to be a fun witch and her family as well. May you have a fun time with Sir Terry.
If you don’t turn your life into a story, you just become a part of someone else’s story. – from The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents.”

“In celebration of Holly! May her humor, wisdom, and the courage to be herself live on in the rest of us. Was going to plant a tree, but she did ask for a pumpkin to be carved and that’s much more fun, so pumpkin it is!”

“I did not know Holly, but I am sorry for your family’s loss. I broke into a big grin as I read her obituary. What a character!”

You can view her obituary on Wood River Chapel’s website here.

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