Joanna Gaines Dishes On The Dark Details That Come Along With Being So Famous

Everyone aspires to be famous, to achieve a level of celebrity that would put them in the spotlight all of the time, to enjoy the privileges that come with it.

This, in the hope that everything in their lives would be sorted out and they would no longer be in need of anything, however, it isn’t always greener on the other side. Especially in Hollywood. 

With the breakthrough of their HGTV show Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Gaines established themselves as household names, but the Waco-based celebrity couple is more than meets the eye.

Joanna is explaining why not everything always is as it seems in a piece she wrote for the fall issue of her magazine called Magnolia Journal.

In the piece that Joanna wrote, she outlines some of the bad effects of being a celebrity, and there definitely are some dark details that come along with being so famous.

Joanna shared how bad press and social media attention have impacted her and Chip, before pointing out that they were completely unprepared for what exactly fame entailed.

Instagram; pictured above are Joanna and Chip

Reality shows are usually created and meant for the entertainment of the public. It’s often curated in a way that gets the public hooked.

Joanna, however, accuses society of seeing drama as a form of entertainment. This is true as some reality stars are often publicly degraded or criticized too harshly.

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