Joanna Gaines Dishes On The Dark Details That Come Along With Being So Famous

Joanna stated in her personal piece that she initially wanted to discuss personal growth, but then she began focusing on how people as a whole can progress together because Joanna really feels that we’re “stuck.”

“Mostly by where we find ourselves: living in a world where drama and division are offered up as a source of cheap entertainment,” Joanna wrote.

She added that certain days can just feel like a struggle, especially amid all the messages of vileness and dissension.

“Whether you think you’ve played a part or not, I think it’s fair to say we’ve all been caught in the crossfire,” Joanna continued.

She said that you have to look beneath what you can only see at a surface level, but that can be difficult, and people can get caught up in assuming or accusing instead of looking for the truth.

“I bet we can all take a look around our own lives and see its effect—reckless words that have hurt us, people we’ve hurt with reckless words, moments we were misjudged or were too quick to pass judgment on someone else.”

Joanna brought up how social media has made it easier to just assume things or say things to someone on the other end of the screen without considering their feelings or true message.

She also feels that social media has made it easier for us all to simply stop trying to connect in a kind and meaningful way with one another.

Some people need time to heal from the negative remarks, and Joanna is one of them. It’s not always simple, and we all work hard to present a tough exterior only to be broken on the inside.  

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