This Guy Refused To Buy His Single Mom Tinder Date’s Kid A To-Go Meal And The Internet Says This Mom Is Tacky

If you’ve ever turned to the internet to find a date, you certainly know that online dating can bring out some characters.

One guy recently went on a Tinder date with a single mom, and after he refused to buy her kid a to-go meal, the internet couldn’t help but find this mom tacky.

“I met a girl on Tinder a few weeks ago, I knew she was a single mom but since I’m just trying to have fun wasn’t really a turn-off,” he started out his post by saying.

Since he first met this woman, they’ve gone on to hang out together basically every other day. He said that this woman is bubbly and beautiful, and she’s also assertive about her likes.

Ok, sounds like everything is off to a great start, right? You can meet some cool people online.

One night he decided to ask her on a whim if she would like to go with him to get something to eat. She agreed, and he took her to a place where the average plate costs around $15 per thing.

He paid for his meal and he paid for her meal as well, and then they sat down to eat together.

“As we were about to leave she suggested in a cheeky flirty kinda way If I’d buy a meal to take home to her kid since her kid loves street food,” he said.

“I laughed and said no (because) it seemed a dumb request. I ain’t trying to buy another parents’ child food especially not at those prices.”

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