Married Man Wants To Know If He Should Have Picked Up His Very Drunk Ex When She Called Him At 3 AM While The Internet Debates How Crazy She Is

A married man recently asked if he should have picked up his very drunk ex when she called asking him for a ride at 3 AM on a Friday…

…But the internet was pretty preoccupied with just how crazy this ex is and continued to debate that instead of giving him some straight-up advice.

“My ex-girlfriend of 2 years ago randomly called me at 3 am on Friday night asking (very drunk) if I could come to get her because she lost her cards and cash and needed a ride home,” he started out by saying.

“I woke up with my very pregnant wife next to me completely pissed and even if my wife wasn’t next to me I didn’t leave the last relationship on good terms so I said nope sorry I’m not your guy and hung up.”

He did his best to make sure she would be safe though by sending a text to her brother, with whom he is still friendly.

He told her brother what was going on, and her brother texted him right back to say that he was going to go get her.

This man went back to bed, but the following morning, his mom called him up to tell him off for not going to get his ex.

His mom felt that he needed to make sure she was alright, and she told him he was “despicable” for not doing that.

He thinks his mom found out because his mom and his ex’s mom are quite close. He told his mom off though for insisting he had to get his ex, explaining that it’s not his duty to make sure everyone is safe, especially when his wife is there feeling upset.

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