Mom Miraculously Fights Off A Mountain Lion After It Attacked And Injured Her 5-Year-Old In Their Yard

One of the mountain lions was around 65-pounds, just like the first lion who was killed, while the additional mountain lion clearly had a radio collar that it was wearing.

Since the mom of the 5-year-old was able to determine that the mountain lion who attacked her son wasn’t wearing a radio collar, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife left that lion alone and tranquilized the other mountain lion they found.

The mountain lion with the collar was later identified as one that never attacked humans and it later left the area.

“DNA samples from the dispatched lion, the tranquilized lion, and the child were collected and sent to CDFW’s Wildlife Forensics Laboratory in Sacramento,” the California Department of Fish and Wildlife continued in their statement.

It turns out, DNA confirmed that the mountain lion they had euthanized was the one that had attacked the 5-year-old.

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