Mom’s Hilarious Thong Story Has The Internet In Hysterics

Greenville, Texas. As a mom, you definitely don’t expect to have to explain what thongs are while your kids are still young.

Well, a mom named Heather Nicholson had a little explaining to do on that front after her son came home…with a thong.

But it’s ok, Heather knew exactly where it came from, and she has the internet in hysterics over her story that she shared on social media.

Facebook; Heather and her son Hunter are pictured above in her car

Her son Hunter got into the backseat of her car one day as she picked him up from school.

It started out as a normal after-school kind of procedure, until Hunter said to Heather, “Momma, something funny happened today.”

Heather replied to him with, “Oh yeah? What’s that?” Hunter then whipped something out of his pants that had Heather completely stunned.

“He starts rolling up his pant leg and pulls out my THONG!”

Hunter explained to his mom while holding it up for her to see, “I found this during music class!” Heather’s thong was stuck through static to Hunter’s pants.

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