Out Of The Blue This Guy’s Girlfriend Tried To Rope Him Into Joining Her Cult And He’s Telling The Internet He’s Devastated She Dumped Him After He Refused

A young man was dating his girlfriend for around 6 months after meeting her in college.

Things moved quickly for them, and they ended up spending pretty much every hour of the day together at least 6 days a week.

They were pretty much inseparable, and they seemed to be a happy couple. Nothing gave him more joy than being around her, and he really thought she felt the same way because those words did come out of her mouth.

Although they are young, his girlfriend constantly talked about wanting to get married to him and go on to have a lot of kids with him.

He really wanted his life to play out like this too, and he was thrilled to be on the same page as her.

Suddenly, things all changed. Out of the blue, his girlfriend brought up her cult to him, even though she had never talked about it before.

The cult that she belongs to is well known by everyone in town for being a cult, and the members speak in tongues.

His girlfriend apparently “sold her soul” to the cult and spoke in tongues as often as she could. He felt crushed to learn about this, and the day that she broke the news to him she insisted that if he wouldn’t join, she was dumping him.

“I had never been more confused and hurt in my life,” he said. “I managed to hold the relationship together for 2 more months but it was a problem over and over and finally she broke up with me, purely because she said, “If you can’t join my church we have no future together”.”

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