After A Pool Noodle Landed This Mom’s Daughter In The Hospital She Took To Social Media To Share This Warning

Sarasota, Florida. Every parent (heck, every adult) knows the pool can be a dangerous place for a child. You always have to take care and keep an eye on children while they swim.

We also have all seen warnings on pool floats and keeping children safe from suffocating on them if they pop, or that they can’t be used as a flotation device.

Those are the obvious things to worry about, but a pool noodle?

I’m sure it never crossed your mind, but you need to beware of your children around pool noodles too.

A little girl named Elianna was just 4-years-old and swimming in her grandparent’s Florida pool while under supervision when something went terribly wrong.

She was playing games with a pool noodle when things took a tragic turn and this game nearly cost this poor little girl her life.

nadezhda1906 –

Elianna’s mom, Lacey, said in a Facebook post that “she was blowing in one end and blowing water out the other.”

In what can only be described as a completely freak accident, Elianna placed her mouth on the pool noodle to blow out the end of it at the exact time that another person blew into the second end of the noodle.

Water ended up whooshing down Elianna’s throat, and although she vomited right afterward, she seemed alright.

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