Pregnant Woman Says Her Husband Left A Week Ago After She Scared Him Out Of Being A Dad And Now She’s Asking The Internet For Help

A 26-year-old woman says that her husband left home around a week ago, and she has not talked to him since he left.

She got married to her husband two years ago, and she has been in a relationship with him for five years.

She is nearly eight months into her pregnancy right now, and this is going to be her and her husband’s first child.

When she learned that she was pregnant, she really wasn’t all that happy. Her family has issues with poor parenting, and pretty much all of her cousins and siblings had to be raised by her grandma and grandpa.

After living through that kind of childhood, her cousins and siblings decided to choose not to have their own children, or they decided that they were going to be far better parents than their own ones had been.

“I’ve always been in the not wanting kids group and my husband knows that,” this young woman explained.

“But, he’s always talked about how badly he wants to get me pregnant, so I’ve always told him that if it happened accidentally, we’d have a serious discussion about us keeping the baby.”

Well, they did get accidentally pregnant, and she is now eight months into her pregnancy.

“Anyway, it took me a while to get on board with the idea of being pregnant, and because I’m an incredibly anxious person, I voiced every “What if” thought in my mind,” she continued.

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