She Exposed Her Cousin On TikTok For Assaulting Her And Her Family Is Mad At Her For Ruining His Life

An 18-year-old recently exposed her cousin on TikTok for assaulting her, and now she’s telling the internet that her family is mad at her for “ruining his life.”

She started out by explaining that she was assaulted by her cousin when she was just 14 and he was 21.

She spent the next few years in denial that it had even happened to her. Eventually, she worked up the courage to tell her parents what had happened, but they accused her of trying to cause drama because “he was young when he did it.”

That comment shattered her heart, but it helped her to realize her parents aren’t here to support her at all.

She recently saw a TikTok trend calling out assaulters, so she decided to try making a video after her best friend insisted she give it a try.

Honestly, she just wanted to humiliate her cousin for what he did to her, but the video she made went viral instead.

“I left his Instagram account. Someone who went to his university saw my video and reported it to the management,” she said.

“They kicked him out of the university and canceled his scholarship. Some girls who were assaulted by him came forward with their stories too.”

Additionally, many internet users took the time to visit her cousin’s Instagram account and harass him there.

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