She Let Her Large Dogs Chase The Neighbor’s Kids Out Of Her Yard And Now She’s Telling The Internet She’s Being Accused Of Traumatizing The Kids

“OMG you let your trained dogs out into your own yard? What a criminal. And you let them bark at children?”

“You’re just a monster aren’t you? And security footage? So you admit to recording young boys without their knowledge, predator.”


“I had neighbors move because their next door neighbor threw poisoned food over the fence. Their German shepherd (who was a beautiful sweetheart) survived after some intensive vet treatment.”

“But they decided they didn’t want to keep living next to a crazy lady. They got a good price on their house though and ended up in a nicer place.”

“We’re still here with the crazy lady, but she’s not an immediate neighbor.”


“… I think at this point you should start whatever legal proceedings are open to you. These kids sound like they are very badly behaved and its quite obviously the result of their mother’s lack of concern and discipline.”

“What if they throw something poisonous into your yard? The mother already tried to bring false charges against you and if you hadn’t had security footage it could have endangered your dogs, this is not acceptable. Please be safe, and good luck!”


You can read the rest of the advice the internet had for her here.

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