She Really Doesn’t Want To Give Up The Wedding Dress Of Her Dreams So Her Fiancé’s Family Said They Won’t Be Going To The Wedding

A woman who is set to be getting married soon says that she really has never gotten along well with her soon-to-be mother-in-law.

Things between them are not the worst, but they’re not the best either. She knows her mother-in-law does not like her at all, and since her fiancé is quite tight with his loved ones, this has caused some issues.

When she decided to go shopping for her wedding dress, she purposely did not ask her mother-in-law to be involved, since they don’t get on well.

In an effort to make her mother-in-law not end up feeling entirely excluded though, she decided to let her see a photo of the dress she ended up picking out for her wedding day.

“My dress is a beautiful flowy beachy dress, but not technically a wedding dress and could be ordered in color,” she said.

“I bought it from a small local boutique that we both love.”

“MIL said that I can’t wear the dress because she bought the same one for her 50th birthday which is two weeks after my wedding.”

“MIL does have the dress though in a mint green color (there is enough detailing that it is still clearly the same dress) and she has the receipt to prove she got it first.”

Well, over-the-top kind of parties to celebrate birthdays are a big deal where they live, and her mother-in-law definitely has put up a lot of money and time to plan her birthday bash.

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