She Told Her Sister She Gets Why The Couple Who Adopted Her Twins Ghosted Her And Now She’s Asking The Internet If She Was Too Harsh

As soon as her sister picked out this rich couple to adopt her twins, she got flown out to the city they lived in, and she proceeded to live at a 5-star hotel until she gave birth.

Now, her sister had arranged for the adoption to be open, and after her sister returned home, the couple would mail her monthly photos of her twins.

6 months into the adoption, this couple ghosted her sister and even deleted every single social media profile they had.

They also picked up and moved. All of this caused her sister to break down, and after her sister went to the agency about what had happened, the adoption agency told her that this couple really could do as they pleased.

She spent the next several weeks feeling so badly for her sister until her sister let it slip that she had asked the woman who adopted her twins for $2,000.

She told the adoptive mom she needed the money so she could go to college and the adoptive mom was very uncomfortable.

This was the real reason the couple ghosted her sister, and after she found out, she insisted this couple had every reason to do what they did.

Her sister started sobbing and has been ignoring her ever since. She’s left feeling concerned she may have been too harsh with what she said.

Here’s what the internet had to say.

“She chose rich parents so she could get something out of it. The adoptive parents realized this and went no contact. Hopefully, she realizes her mistake and doesn’t pull this if her biological kids ever try to contact her.”


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